Safety: Our Focus

Nothing is more important than making sure campers are safe and healthy. Our staff and counsellors take a proactive approach to maintaining good guard and safety. Our staff is trained to be situationally aware and manage risks in a healthy, positive way. Not just safety, but we can insure you that you’ll be at higher risk for having serious fun, an increased chance of burning calories, learning important skills, becoming bolder than ever and making friends of a real kind.

We would protect you, but also, we want you to feel the excitement of the real adventure and we hope you feel the same way too.

Madventure Team Communication Leadership
Team Communication
Madventure Self Management Self Management
Mad Outcomes

The cornerstone of our adventurous offerings is Madventure camps that teaches campers technical outdoor skills, leadership, team building and self-management along with a deep appreciation of and connection with the world we inhabit

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders
The Mad Way