Before Your Trip!
Here are the following steps of how to get ready for your trip to Madventure camps;

Plan your day: Get a map of Madventure camps and plan every ride in order. As many a times going from one end of the park to other and riding rides in whatever order can sore your feet very soon. Therefore, to avoid this, ride everything you want to in one particular area and then move to the next.

Consider your attire: Dress comfortably (but take a jacket if you want to) and take only necessary stuff that you need. Dress accordingly for the weather. Try to avoid wearing dark colored clothes (such as black or dark grey) if it is during summer.

Wear good shoes: Flips flops aren’t a really good idea for an adventure park, especially rides that leave you feet dangling. Wear supportive sneakers or walking shoes.

Don’t wear loose clothes: If you want to wear a hat, always remember to put it in a secure pocket before going on a ride. Keep your wallet or purse secure! They can be easily lost in the hustle and bustle of an adventure park. Don’t worry we are looking after you.

Tie up long hair : Hair past shoulder length can easily get tangled on a windy ride. Braids are recommended, as they stay close to the head and don't have loose hair like ponytails.

Last but not the least, start exercising your "patience muscles: You'll need them to be in tip-top shape.

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